My Miku Gallery Wall

Everyone knows I’m obsessed with my dog Miku. So much, in fact, that I have an entire gallery wall of her portraits. Some are portraits I commissioned, some were given to me as gifts from friends and readers alike, and two (one is on another wall) were lucky flea market finds. I’ve been adding them little by little, but at some point the to-hang pile started to stack up. And I’m embarrassed to admit that I somehow lost my hammer. Yep, I used to build sets, but don’t have a hammer on hand (for shame). So when High & Mighty sent me some of their wall hanging products to use at Brooklyn Brigade with the promise of not needing any tools — their saying is “designed to be stuck up” —  I knew exactly what I would use them for. Not for Brooklyn Brigade — yet, although some studio changes are coming soon –but for adding some portraits to my Miku wall at home!

Here’s how it works: you place it, push it, and then hang whatever you choose. It has to be on drywall, of course (I don’t have superhuman strength to push anything through my brick walls, thanks), but that’s literally all you need to do. Place, push, hang. When I use a hammer and nail, I have to remove everything for fear of it crashing down on me from the vibration. But with these hangers, you just place them where you want them, push them in, and get to hanging. Its hooks anchor it in place — no wiggly nails in the drywall — and you can hang up to 20 lbs on the ones I used. They also come in 40 lb and 60 lb capacities (or even heavy duty kits up to 125 lbs), so you don’t have to stop at artwork. You can hang mirrors, clocks, or whatever your little heart desires. But why would I, when I have a wall full of precious Miku’s smiling face?

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