Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Back in July, my boyfriend Gerhard and I finally moved into our dream apartment after viewing over 30 apartments in Brooklyn. We were so excited to have more space and to finally decorate a new place where we plan on living for many years. However, between all our recent travels and busy schedules we haven’t been able to spend very long nesting into our new home. Enter High & Mighty! The company is dedicated to solving problems like the annoying task of hanging wall decorations, and breaking the barrier between inspiration and installation. We picked up a 5-pack of the 20lb Wall Hangers to tackle hanging our gorgeous new bone tile mirror. We’ve had issues in the past dealing with anchors leaving huge holes in drywall and spending hours patching up when we needed to move. These hangers were totally different, they require no tools so they’re super easy to install plus they leave the tinniest holes despite being able to hold large weights! Here’s a step-by-step guide to how we used the High & Mighty wall hanging hooks to attach the mirror to the wall to complete our bar corner in the living room. 

Step One – Choose your hooks, we took the 20lb capacity Wall Hanging Hooks. Be sure to check the weight of your item before purchasing the hooks. 

Step Two: With your partner decide together where you want the mirror to hang. I even had Gerry snap photos on his phone so we were both sure on the spot we wanted to put the mirror. 

Step Three: Measure the wall to find where the hooks will go. Also be sure to use a level to make sure the mirror will hang correctly on the wall. 

Step Four: Simply grab the hook, place, push and you’re ready to hang. I could not believe how easy it was to put the hook into the wall with no tools, you literally just push the ‘claws’ of the hook into the wall – it slides in super easily into drywall. 

Step Five: Align the mirror to the hooks and attach to the wall. Then admire your work!

Step Six: Snuggle up with a good book about your favorite food! 

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Rach Martino

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