Gallery-Inspired Low Hanging Art

Black Flat 24" Floating Shelf, High & Mighty; Bridget Riley Dot Print; Floor Cushion, Planter CB2 // PHOTOGRAPHY BY AARON BENGOCHEA

We love a good gallery wall as much as the next person, but the actual hanging and arranging process can be daunting. For a less stressful but just as impactful art display, try arranging some of your favorite pieces on a floating shelf and using it as a mantel of sorts. We opted for two High & Mighty Black Flat 24” Floating Shelves for a sleek, minimalist backdrop. The sturdy build of each shelf ensures you can pile on as much art as you want, while the simple design doesn’t detract from any statement-making pieces on display.

We complemented the lower height (and overall more casual vibe) of this shelf system with some equally laid-back accessories. A woven floor cushion is an informal yet stylish alternative to bulkier seating. Eschew the end table in favor of stacking books directly on the floor; topped off with a sculptural piece for the perfect finishing touch.

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