DIY Family Organization Center With Just Your Thumbs

If you’ve ever purchased a shelf, frame, or wall hook and then left it sitting in your closet/attic/garage rather than finding the tools (and patience) needed to hang it -- you are NOT alone!

I’m Cassity, and I run, a website all about home renovation and decor. Even with 8 remodeled homes under our belt, the thought of having to find a hammer, wall anchors, level, and other tools to hang even the simplest things on my walls means that I have a LOT of wall decor that has never actually hung on my walls. I’m a chronic non-wall decorator -- no joke, I often have bare walls until we are selling our home or taking photos for the Remodelaholic blog.

So when High & Mighty told me about their easy “designed to be stuck up” hanging products, I was all on board and ready to get organized. They sponsored this new family organization center, but, as always, all opinions, outtakes, and two-thumbs-up enthusiasm are my own.

We built an easy 2x6 bench and added the rolling numbered bins a few years ago, but as our lives have gotten even busier since then, with kids in school and extracurriculars, plus running Remodelaholic from our home -- we needed to up our organization game. In around an hour, we put this whole mudroom family organization station together and it has been GREAT! Watch the video to see just how quickly and easily you can hang shelves, decorative wall hooks, and hook rails:

For our family organization center, we used:

2 - 36-inch flat floating shelves in espresso

6 rectangular decorative wall hooks in oil-rubbed bronze

2 - 18-inch hook rails, espresso with oil-rubbed bronze hooks

2 - 20-lb wall hangers

3 wire baskets

3 clipboards

plus our 2x6 bench and rolling baskets

We used these all together to get organized in our mudroom, but you could easily use all of these High & Mighty hanging products in various rooms of your home to add storage and organization exactly where you need it -- no looking for a stud finder, level, or hammer!

Above the bench, we began by hanging a set of 6 decorative hooks, to which we added 3 wire baskets. Then, me and my two thumbs took just a couple of minutes to install all 6 wall hooks and add the baskets, amazing! You can see in the video just how easy it is to get them hung up and how the High & Mighty decorative hooks work --

Just place the fastener, use those thumbs to push the hanger into the drywall, and hang the hook on the fastener!

So easy, no hangxiety -- without breaking a sweat! And the next part is even better: floating shelves that go up in just a few minutes, with ZERO tools!

The High & Mighty floating shelf comes with a template with a built-in level, right in the box -- and that makes this the fastest and easiest way to hang a floating shelf!

To hang the floating shelves, just place the template: push the 3 wall fasteners into the drywall at the spots marked on the template, and slide the shelf over the fasteners. Ta-da!

To add a little decorative flair to our organization station, we added a gold wire WELCOME sign that I’d had around for awhile and never hung (see, it’s a chronic problem!). Since the wall hangers would be visible, we sprayed a quick coat of white paint on before following the 1-2-3 steps to install the wall hanger: Place, push, and hang!

To round out our family organization station, we added two hook rails for hanging purses, hats, jackets, scarves, etc. We also plan to use these to hold the different bags for the different activities we have going on -- one for dance, one for sewing class, one for soccer, one for piano, and so forth.

The High & Mighty hook rails hang in just a few minutes, with the same type of installation as the wall shelves, including the intergrated-level template. So simple that even the non-handiest person can handle it!

We added a couple of colorful clipboards for homework and then the rest of our stuff and we LOVE it!

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