Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use High & Mighty products on materials other than drywall (plaster, wood paneling, brick, concrete, hollow core doors, etc.)?

High & Mighty products are designed to be used in drywall.

Can I use a hammer if I am having difficulty pushing it into the drywall?

Yes.  You can lightly tap the product into the drywall if necessary.  Just tap gently and be sure to stop when the pins are fully inserted into the wall so you don’t damage the drywall.

Will High & Mighty products work in seems or patches (i.e. spackle, drywall compound)?

Yes – if the patch is as strong as the original drywall.  Make sure to follow the drywall manufacturer’s directions for patching.  The spackle or compound may be heavier than the original drywall though, so it may take more effort to install in these locations.

Is the holding power the same in the new USG lightweight drywall board?

Yes – the weight ratings for High & Mighty products were developed for lightweight drywall board.

How do I remove High & Mighty products from my wall if I want to move them?

Removal is easy!  Simply take a flathead screwdriver, place the flat end between the hanger pins and wall and gently pry away from the wall.

How can these tiny pins hold so much weight?

The curved blade shape helps distribute forces within the wall.  In addition, the steel pins are hardened, unlike common decorative nails and many traditional picture hangers.

Why does the 20 pound picture hanger have two different hooks?

Most lightweight frames include a sawtooth mount on the back, which is often placed very close to the edge of the picture frame.  If the mount is too close to the frame edge, it’s possible that the hook could be visible when the frame is hung.  The top hook on the 20 pound High & Mighty wall hanger is designed for use with sawtooth mounts so that the hanger will not extend above the top of the picture frame, ensuring the hanger will not be visible above the frame.  The lower hook is designed for use with picture wire.

Can I use 2 hangers together to hang a heavier item? For example, if I have a 35lb mirror, could I use (2) 20lb hangers to hang it?

No.  The hanging wire could pull the two hangers toward the center, which could cause the wall material to crush easier.  Always use a hanger with a weight rating higher than the weight of the actual item you want to hang.

If I remove the hanger or hook to paint my wall, can I reinstall in the same holes it was in before?

It is always best to make new holes, otherwise the wall material will not be able to support as much weight.

How level do the longer (85 & 125lb) hangers need to be when I install it?

To help ensure the hanger is mounted to the wall as level as possible, we’ve included a magnetic level with these hangers.  If you happen to lose the level though, it’s no problem – as long as the hanger looks level, you should be to ensure your item is level once you hang it as these hangers are designed for use with picture wire which makes leveling an item much easier once it’s on the wall.

Can I use High & Mighty products in my bathroom where it is often damp?

Yes.  As long as the wall does not get wet, like in the case of a leak.  If a leak occurs, the integrity of the drywall could be compromised.

When I pushed the hanger into drywall, it seemed to push in unevenly – one blade before the other, but then straightened out. Is this ok?

Yes.  Although, if one blade went in substantially farther than the other (over 1/4 of its length), the holes could be enlarged, which may reduce the holding power of the drywall. 

Do the wall hanging kits include screws and nails for the frame hardware?

Yes!  The wall hanging kits include Readynail™ Sawtooth Mounts, which have the nail already installed into the mount.  For kits that include d-ring hangers, the screws needed to mount those to a frame are also included in the kit.

What is the little plastic thing for on the 15 pound decorative hook mount?

The plastic piece makes it easier to install the mount by providing an even surface to push against when pushing into drywall.  Once you’ve installed the mount, simply remove the plastic piece and store to use again if you decide to relocate the hook later.

I cannot get the 15lb decorative hook that I purchased to fit on the hanger.

Please make sure that you have removed the plastic insert from the wall mount.  Once this is removed, the hook should slide onto the mount with ease.

I cannot get the plastic piece off the wall mount for the 15lb hanger.

Squeeze the sides of the plastic piece and pull toward you to remove.  Sometimes, it helps to squeeze one side of the plastic tab and disengage the opposite side from the steel mount.  You can also; the 30 second how-to video for the 15lb decorative hooks includes how to remove the plastic piece.

How do you remove the 5lb key rail from the wall?

Simply grab the tip of one of the hooks and pull the rail outward/down.

I threw out the package after I installed this. How can I find information on how much weight it will hold and how to remove?

All of the information you may need can be found at

Can I use High & Mighty items outside or in my garage?

High & Mighty products are designed specifically for use in drywall, which is rarely used outdoors.  If you have a garage, sunroom, or screened in porch where drywall is used, you should definitely be able to use our products as long as the wall cannot get wet.  The integrity of the drywall will be compromised by water, which will reduce its holding power.

How can I tell when the hook is fully installed on the wall mount?

When it feels like you cannot slide the hook down any further and the hook feels snug against the wall, it should be fully installed.

My decorative hook is tilted, can I adjust it?

The wall mount may be slightly off-level.  Try lifting the hook and sliding it back down onto the mount, keeping it level as you do so.  Stop sliding the hook when it is snug against the wall.  If this does not remedy the issue, you may need to remove the mount and re-install more evenly before sliding the hook back on.

When I installed my picture hanger, it was not level. Is this ok?

A little tilt is ok as long as the blades are fully inserted into the wall, as the hanger will most likely be covered by the item you are hanging.  If you still have concerns, remove the hanger, move slightly (so as not to re-insert into the same holes) and re-install more evenly.

Will these products work on 3/8”, ½”, and 5/8” drywall?

The products will install in all 3 sizes of drywall.  The products are designed for use in ½” and thicker though, so the weight capacity may be reduced in thinner surfaces.

Will these products work in green board or specialty grade drywall?

Yes.  However, installing them into these may take more force because they are more dense than standard drywall.

Will these products work on textured walls?

Yes.  It may take a little more force to push in to the wall though, depending on the weight and thickness of the texture.

Can I use High & Mighty products to hang items from the ceiling?

No, these products are designed for use on vertical surfaces only.

I cannot get my shelf (or hook rail) to slide onto the wall mounts.

Please check to make sure that the mounts have been installed with the arrow facing up.  The arrow must be pointed toward the ceiling so that the mount on the shelf can slide on.  If the arrows are pointing down, they will have to be removed and reinstalled (in new holes to ensure proper weight capacity) with the arrows pointing up.