About Us

High & Mighty was born out of a frustration with other so-called hanging solutions, and a measly little goal of changing wall decorating forever. And we nailed it, or didn’t nail it in this case.

 We talked, and listened, to a lot of people, and it turns out our frustrations were the same as yours. Tools take time to gather and turn a simple chore into a project. While adhesive strips leave you worrying about when, not if, your wall décor will fall. That’s why High & Mighty is engineered right here in the U.S.A., to relieve your hangxiety and make hanging simple to D.I.Y. Everything installs into drywall by just using your thumbs, in three easy steps. Place. Push. Hang.

 And it’s not just picture hangers we’ve reinvented. Floating shelves, decorative hooks, key rails, and hook rails all go up in seconds and hold a gravity-defying amount of weight. The power to turn a space into your decorating dreams is now in your hands.

Boom. Are you impressed? You will be when you try it.

 We don’t mean to brag, but when you’ve solved a problem this big, a little bragging is necessary.